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Are they all feral? 


No.  Many are former pets,  which are left behind and have had to fend for themselves in the best places they can find.  Some are born there and others are dropped off cats from neighborhoods, because some neighbors hate cats and don't want them around.  Yet others come in under cars and are lost and far from home.  So, no, they are not all feral.  

Why should I care?


If you don't, who will?


Everyone should care because it's a community problem that began because of people in "the community" who don't think cats need to be fixed.  Many people don't know cats can have litters 3 times a year and those offspring can start breeding at 4 months old.  These cats populate prolifically and many wind up getting killed in shelters or other dangers.  Isn't life more precious than this?

Now what?

Make sure that you spay or neuter your animals because they are going to make homeless babies and there are not enough homes for them all. Many of which will wind up killed in shelters or left to succumb to nature.  In order to change this CatNappers needs help in many ways,  reducing the population of cats in the area requires a community.  We need help because only a few people can't do such a huge job, it takes people who want to make a difference. It takes the entire community to stop this unfortunate situation. 

Spay it Forward!

$40 spays one female

$30 neuters one male

You can help us stop the homelessness! 

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We need donations to help these street cats in order to stop the cycle of unwanted cats.  As much or as little as you like, it all adds up and no amount is too small.  

CatNappers is a 501 (c) 3 organization

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